Collegiate Crit

Not much time today but thought i should report real quick.

I didn't get any flats, but i didn't exactly excel either. The crit was on a super fun course and it was a blast to ride! I did alright overall, kept myself in pertty good position most of the time, but i didn't feel strong enough to launch any big attacks or anything. In the last part of the race one girl got off the front and was able to hold the pack off to the finish. I didn't postiion myself far enough up in the line when it came down to the last 2 corners and i ended up getting gabbed a bit and was unable to catch the girls infront of me. The last few laps were especially fast and the cornering was the way i like it! I ended up coming in with a finish of 7th and Mo got 14th i believe. Ally also did well but i'm not sure of her exact finish and Kristi did well but had a hard time fighting all the other for a good position to move up into.

Overall we had some back luck for the weekend but we are all safe and healthy so we should be happy with that!

I'm back in MI for the week and this weekend the Verducci girls are going to come down state and we are going to race Kensington together before we head to Philly for the rest of the season!

Have a wonderful week!!!

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