Good Morning,

One more year of college complete = check
Collegiate nationlas and racing obligations over for the summer = check
Time to rock it with Verducci = it's go time!!!

So, I was able to spend one more week at home with my parents and sister after returning from Kansas before leaving with the team for a summer of adventure! This last weekend my team mates Theresa and Jessie along with Theresa's husband and our manager Gary came over from Grand Rapids and spent a few nights at my parents and we raced a local MI race. After the races yesterday we headed out of town and I'm currently in Seven Springs, PA. This morning after the rest of the crew rolls out of bed we will do a workout here before driving the rest of the way to Philly and settling down for a little bit. I've been enjoying the team and i'm confident it will be a great summer with many expereinces and lots of learning!

My new Aussie team mate Jessie is going to be crazy fun!

Ready to race the crit...

MY NEW BABE!!!!! She's not only beautiful but rides great as well!

Everyone have a great week and depending on internet access I'll do my best to keep you posted! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


Scott said...

why is your seat so low?

kace said...

um....look at me....that might explain it!