SNOW day!!!

Traditionally at my house we judge how much snow we have gotten by the collection on the deck railing out the back door. My sister and I used to check numerous times a night when a storm was predicted...hoping to find tons of snow, well just enough to warrant a snow day really! I knew if the phone rang at 5AM (my dad is a teacher) we were off the hook. Jess never usually found out till she woke up late because she's a sleeper and didn't hear the phone. Occasionally her big sister would bust in and jump on her though, I mean she had a right to know we didn't have school.

It's been a long time sense we've seen anything like this

I had come home New Year's Eve from my fun adventures up north and I was a bit depressed to be leaving the snow, skiing, dogs, etc. But then I woke up New Year's Day to a beautiful Winter Wonderland!!!

This is Moca's biggest snow day ever!

Mom starts the morning by taking her out on the leash...Mom has a worry about Moca taking off.

Daddy brings out the frisbee!!! Moca is ecstatic!

That's got to be a good workout!

Moca guarding her frisbee

Common, stop pointing that thing at me and play!

I think she can still see me...haha

Umm...how do you move 15 inches of snow off of our rather large driveway and private road? Well you see we have a plow! Great right? MAYBE...

This is part of the private road

And this my friends will be a project to start and get moving...I think my Dad doesn't buy new things because he enjoys the challenge of playing with old rigged items more! Any maybe because he has two daughters in college too.

She's having a good day!!! Yeah!

I'll be happy if she makes it a couple of sweeps across the driveway as it results in much less shoveling for me.

But today the Jeep is in an overachieving mood. I guess I should note that this "truck" was once a Jeep but converted to what you see in the pictures by a guy up north. My parents bought the Jeep about 16 years ago when we moved to Davisburg. The Jeep is no longer insured and has numerous issues: improvised gas tank, rusting out bottom, no windshield whippers(that work), an overheating issue, a staling out issue, and a passion for pushing large amounts of snow apparently.

Now the bottom of the drive is done and we head for the climb up to the road

Mom is loving the snow!

The jeep was running well so we did a swipe on the road...oh boy...she's not happy, hurry get down the drive, do the breaks still work? I sure hope so. Get her into position so we can just push back into barn if need be and get the heck out.

Daddy help...

Ahh, perfect. Now all my liquids can boil over freely

Dad said the Jeep just needed to cool down a bit and she would be ready for a second run. True to his word he went back out and touched up the road a bit later. We were all pretty happy the Jeep decided to work that morning!

Mommy and I went off for some adventure!!!

Moca & I ready to go snowshoeing!!

Off we go...

I'm currently in Asheville, NC visiting some friends and checking out the area as a possible location to live! It has been beautiful the past few day and I've gotten in some really good riding. I will try to take some more pictures, but as noted above I won't be posting much of anything until I get the cord to transfer pictures.

Speaking of finding places to live...anyone have any good suggestions? Someplace where I can pretty much train year round. Near a velodrome of some sort. Enough flat terrain to motopace. Good people. If you've got any suggestions just let me know?


Brendan Benson said...

Colorado Springs or Boulder, Colorado. That's where all the pros go.

kace said...

Thanks Brendan...yeah that is kinda on the list!