Another semester underway

The trip back to NC started like this...dark and foggy

But no worries I made it safely!

Some very kind friends in Asheville let me crash at their place for a week and check out the area! THANKS LIZ & NATE!!!

This is little miss Willow who really enjoyed this bag I brought home at Liz & Nate's!

While in Asheville I dropped into this little coffee shop where I meet up with an old friend!

Then we checked out some of the local shops!

Check out these specs!...it was tempting but I didn't get them

Once back in Banner Elk I started school back up. My friend Don from MI came to visit and a group of us went out for a beautiful hike before school hit too hard.

Ally and I out on the hike

Can't argue with that view

Now school is back in full swing and I have come down with some sort of little bug. Seems to be working its way through, but not quick enough! For some reason I have gotten sick more this year than I can remember being sick for the past several years. Guess I gotta let it run its course, which I'm not too happy about.

To end on a positive note their was an amazing view of the Moon the other night at the clouds blew across the sky. This picture doesn't even begin to do it justice but you'll just have to imagine how great it was!


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