Finally Home!

We made it! Finally time just to kick back and relax a little. Lucky for me and my family, Ally had come home to MI with me and was staying about a week before I had to take her to the airport and send her to California.

Day one breakfast made by Ally! Eggs with spinach, topped with cowboy caviar, OJ, coffee, and a piece of toast with nutella and sprinkled almond slices! Yummy!!!

Our breakfast every morning was something just as delicious! Then when Ally left I had to start making my own...it was a sad morning.

We took a few days completely of and just lounged around. I think it was the most I've slept in a long time. One morning I even slept till 9AM and for those of you who know me well I'm sure your jaws are hanging open!...I was pretty excited! I also started some work on Moose Mitts (made to keep hands warm when riding a bike in the winter), because Cullen has been selling them like crazy...Thank You Cullen!!!

Soon we were chomping at the bit to do something physical with ourselves and decided to start running. Given our extreme wisdom and intelligence we thought it a good idea to do a double work out on our first day back. Running about 3 miles in the morning and then again in the afternoon...it felt sooo good, then we got up the next morning and we felt sooo much! We continued to run/jog everyday and one day this is what Ally came back to after she decided to run a bit longer than I, while I headed back to play frisbee with Moca:

Somehow Moca got a frisbee stuck way up in the tree...I still can't figure how she managed to do it...

I wasn't too far away!

I did get the frisbee down with a little help from Ally who had to throw a big softball up to me a few times so I could knock it down from where I was. I wasn't too sure I wanted to go all the way to the frisbee, given that my cycling and athletic career could be over very quickly if the branch were to decide I was too heavy. I mean I would probably just tuck do a few flips and land on my feet perfectly, but ya know just in case I wanted to play it safe. Ally even got a video clip, which I will try to get on here soon. My favorite part of the clip is when she says when I fall she will make millions on youtube and THEN call the ambulance...thanks Ally!

Moving right along we were running out of time. I called a friend from high school, who knows the Detroit area much better than myself and luckily she had some free time so we took Ally downtown just briefly to get a glimpse.

My friend Samantha and I

Ally & I...yes I know she towers over me

Waterfall in Compuare center

Security informing Ally & I that we can't stand on the marble ledge...opps!

Big Christmas Tree...

Skipping down the sidewalk in Detroit!

After the short little trip to and around Detroit we headed back north a bit to Royal Oak to enjoy some time at a Comedy Club. It was a good show and Ally even got herself personally involved after calling the Comedian a "smart ass" because he said wireca(sp?) was in CA. Here is Ally laughing hysterically and embarrassed at the same time while the guys started ripping into her...it was pretty funny!

Ally also got to meet some of my best friends back here at home! Of course we spent some time at the bike shop and she got to meet Cullen and his son Taylor along with a few others. Then we took a trip out to the private school I used to go to and showed her the old dirt field I spent most of my time on along with many other things. We stopped by the Hudson household and got to see all the girls! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture with Lauren, but her new job, well not so new anymore, is going great and she is loving it! So proud of you Laur!!! Then it was off to Nick's, my adventure buddy. We used to be the only ones out west who were up before the sun and out the door with all our gear headed for the mountain so we could be the first on that beautiful fresh powder and we would go at it all day! Nick's brother and sister were home and even his Dad Gary was around. It was great to see all of them and Gary showed us all his toys, which he and Nick enjoy so much!

Nick and I

The boys toy shop

Just a little bit of power...

Nick when is it you are taking me out in one of these?

Eventually the last night of Ally's stay came and we went to a cafe in Fenton called the French Laundry! I also got a bit crazy with the camera so enjoy the photos!

Ally and I!

Gazing, as usual

Ok, ok...I'll carry you

Silly girl

Aww...how cute are we!

AAhhhh...must have been a mouse...

Just imagine living with those two weirdos for a week! My parents loved it and they loved their increased grocery bill even more! We are pretty pathetic sometimes...but mostly just out of control. Mom said we weren't allowed to wrestle on the couch; "someones going to get hurt" in the nagging mother voice...but we did it anyway...hehe! Mom didn't even stop us...I think she was more concerned about getting struck with a flying limb (remember Ally's are actually long) than with actually stopping us. We did stop after hassling mom a bit!

Off to the French Laundry...

Kissing Karlee

Waiting for dinner...

Ally talking with hands...does she think I'm deaf?

Now she thinks she's sophisticated!

The girls

Karlee & Mom

Daddy & I

The cousins

Kacey, Daddy & Ally!

Ally & I with Mom & Dad

Karlee & I

funny faces...

Ta ta for now...more soon!

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haha Just noticed you had to stand on the stiars when taking a pic with Nick
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