5...4...3..2..1. HUT. HUT. HUT!!!

There comes a time when the urge to head up north can no longer be caged and must be acted upon. I finally broke Saturday morning when word on the street was that more snow had fallen up north. I loaded the car, called a buddy to tell him I was headed out and would meet him there later and hit the road!

I hit the trials at Cross Country Ski Headquarters

Check out those sweet specs & hat!!!

Cullen gave me the hat a while back and the awesome new glasses for Christmas this year. He shouldn't have gotten me anything, but he does a good job of spoiling me! Cullen you're the greatest! Thanks for Everything!!!

Now my trip gets interesting. My buddy doesn't end up making it north so I grab a cheap hotel the first night. Then the next day I randomly run into Duane and Mary from the Wolverine Sports Club while they are swinging by to pick up extra clothing. Come to find out they are headed just a bit farther north to Four Bush and Scott Aimone is there with his dogs!!! They invite me to come meet up with them and give me a place to stay...yahoo!!! Duane and Mary are both awesome and very fun people by the way!

I finish my skiing at Headquarters, pack up, and head north. I was so excited. The excitement was due to the fact that Scott's dogs were trained for skijoring and he would allow people to try it! Oh...I could hardly wait to get there. I think I was on the phone the whole drive running my mouth about what I was going to do!

So here is my picture story!

1st afternoon Scott hooks me up to Heidi, who earned a silver medal at Worlds!!!

Scott followed me with Daehlie

Heid's & I after our run of the afternoon! Happy Campers!

Duane and Mary take me in

They give me a beautiful place to stay

whole loft to myself

and Duane even treated me to dinner....THANK YOU so much!!! Not only was the food good but we had a great time and laughed a lot, which I of course love to do!

After a good night of rest and recovery...

Scott offered to treat me to two dogs and I was all over it!

Hooking the girls up!

Better be ready

5...4...3..2..1. HUT. HUT. HUT. (command to get them going FASTER!)


Scott said it was great to see the girls run for someone else so well! For some reason people don't usually ever volunteer to be hooked to two energetic, fast four pawed, wicked fast sprinters! They are so much fun!!! I love the girls already...all four of them! Samantha, who I somehow didn't get any pictures off, is the veteran and very collected. Ruger is the little runt with a huge heart, Scott says she starts harder than any of them. Daehlie is the largest, still has her full tale because she comes from Norway, and is very strong but still learning. Heidi is the lead racer right now, and when she is on the line she is all business and knows exactly what to do. Their personallities were amazing and I already told Scott I have to come visit so I can help work em out again!

Anyhow this is Scott leaving with Ruger after I and the other girls have taken off

I ran the girls pretty good and this is Daehlie & Heidi recovering

Daehlie being silly

totally characteristic of how they pull too. Daehlie is a bit more all over the place and Heidi just gives her the common we are working look and keeps her in line

Daehlie sting ray pose

Scott & I with Daehlie

I had a great time at Four Bush and would recommend it to all. Dave, the owner, is a really nice guy and has some great trails up there in MI!

A big thanks goes out to Duane and Mary for taking me in so last minute!

Also a big thanks to Scott for letting me go play in the snow with him and his amazing girls! It was so refreshing physically (how could it not be, you are being pulled by pure bread muscle) and mentally and it just absolutely made me very happy!

I can't wait to do it again!


Anonymous said...

You are my laugh for the day!!! I just love this Blog and wish I was right there with you
Love Gram XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

OK, so now you were only 5 miles from our house, which you would have been more than welcome to stay at, and you still didn't call. We are starting to get a complex.
Larry M.

kace said...

aaaahhh...sorry Larry! I didn't even realize. I'm going to remember now though because I really liked the place and plan on going back for sure! Thanks for all your comments..I love it! Take Care