I'm Alive!

What can I say...it's been a busy month and I haven't had time to even think about this blogging thing. So my apologies to those of you who check this regularly and let me try and catch you up on life.

So sense my last write up I have returned to Banner Elk, NC and started to get settled in! I spend some time off the bike and tried to get caught back up on that wonderful thing we call school.

I spent the first weekend back traveling to a Mountain Bike race with the team and just helping out while taking in a bit of Mt. bike culture! It was a good time and of course made me want to race myself...but don't worry I didn't even bring my bike so it wasn't an option!

Kristi and Ally about to start their race

hanging at the trailer with Ally and Eric

Aaron & Eric being silly before their race

At some point in the mess of my time back home we had a little celebration for Sheedy's birthday and we had some fun seeing how many people we could fit in his kitchen!

Some more time was occupied by random rides, trail work and just trying to get ready for Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals, which were being held here in BE and hosted by us! I created a few fun costumes to where as entertainment as this is the only nationals I've been to without competing. The weekend went great and all the hard work put in paid off. Mostly hard work by Doug and Brian and a few others pitching in what they could.

No photos of Friday's Cat costume yet so I'll work on that!

How would you like to wake up to this early on a Saturday morning!!!

Mike Anderson...the stud of short track!

that's right bringing in the start and stripes!

Eric Thompson, also killing the short track!

Aaron Bradford, a.k.a. - Kacey's cyclocross coach!

Ben and Aaron just being happy dual slalom boys

Watching the races

The one and only amazing Ally Stacher

Hannah Rocks!

Chris and the coolest helmet out there...

Mountain bike nationals doesn't go down without a bang. A mob gathers at a mountain top to hold up a long held tradition.

Oh and I did do a cross race in there someplace too, which was painful and tons of fun at the same time! Just did another cross race today and I head out early tomorrow morning to do another! Good times, good friends, good races! Couldn't ask for much more. So to sum it up life is good and I'll try to get you an update a bit sooner this time. Headed back to MI this Tuesday to do ICEMAN and catch up with the gang a bit. Even taking a few of the boys from here at school so it should be a fun and entertaining trip!

Hope all is well with everyone and hope to hear from you soon!

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