These just in from a friend with a nice camera! Not sure if I should really be documenting this or not but for the sake of everyones entertainment I have decided to share the laughter! Below you will find a number of pictures from MTB nationals...enjoy!

Bring on the mud!!!

Watch out...

Sooo Graceful!

Look at that hot bike!

Messing around on my team mates downhill bike...I gotta go try that sometime!

Ok, that is the gallery of the day!


Echelon said...

KC i just wanted to say how happy i am for you with the big win in NC. that is a really cool race. i did it last year and i wish i could have raced it this year. congrats on that win...it is very big and you should be proud. by the way you are a wonderful looking balarena. (i don't think i spelled that correctly.)

Anonymous said...

Always wanted one of my granddaughters to be a ballerina but this wasn't quite what I had in mind. Great time in Traverse! Heading for your folks tomorrow. Sure wish you could be there. Love you bunches. XOXOXO Grandma