Finally home for a little bit after a long time away! Unfortunately I'll only get a week at home before returning to Banner Elk (BE) for the fall semester. Lucky for me i love being in BE and it is truly like a home so I'm looking forward to that! In my week at home outside of catching up on a few dr. appointments I tried to make the most of my time. I was able to catch up a bit with my family and do a few things with friends outside of training. A lot of my training also doubled as catch up time as I did the Kalamazoo race last weekend and the usual Bham group ride Tuesday night. After the Kzoo ride I got to visit with Mr. Brent Bookwalter for a bit, although I wasn't much fun after my heat exhaustion day, it was good to see him and to find his recover going quite well! Ray and Kelly took me to dinner after the Tuesday ride, which was of course a great meal with great people! My first night in town I got to go for a spin with Cullen before he had to leave town and he took me to ice cream! He knows me well! It was good to see all the guys, even if only for a short time, I miss everyone a ton! Of course I didn't get to do everything I wanted or see everyone I would have liked to...sorry to the Ithaca crew, wish I could have made it up there! Anyhow I think I did pretty good for a week. Here are a few photos of the week...

I got to catch up with Laur over breakfast one morning! It wasn't long enough, but it will have to do till next time...

My amazing and beautiful mother!

My wonderful little sis!

Pictures with dad coming soon!

Caught a motor bike ride with Andy!

On the road

Andy picked a good route!

My friend Samantha from high school found out about a salsa night in Royal Oak and it was on! So good to see this amazing girl and catch up a bit!

I also invited Lila and she came with a few friends! Someday I gotta go on a crazy adventure with this chick! She rocks!

and a funny thing happened. While at the salsa club i bumped into another old friend from high school who was part of the group i went white water rafting with for 2 summers! It was great to see Jimmy and as he put it "while i was off riding bikes, he has been learning to dance." It showed because he was pretty darn good!

So I'm definitely hooked on the dancing and hoping maybe I can find something fun to do with it in the off season...if I ever have one of those!

Alright, I now feel like I'm caught up on this thing! I'm at Downer's Grove Crit Nationals currently and I'm about to check in for some speed sleep! After tomorrows race I head back to BE and try to get settled in. Lucky for me mom and dad are following me down and staying for a few days to help me get arranged and to do some hiking in the area! Should be a good time! For now it is focus time...i have a national title to help defend! Wish us luck!


msfzx said...

oooooo. Is that a little black dress??!!?? Verrrry nice!!

Anonymous said...

so you and mom look so so so so so much a like :-)
love you

Maia said...

Hey Kacey, good luck at nationals! dropkick some a*s. lol

Anonymous said...

hooray for kacey 'cuz she's SO COOL. A little delayed, but nice work at downer's. That was some crazy freekin' rain! Are you doing leelanau? are you on facebook.


christy keely

Anonymous said...

so I've seemed to have lost your e-mail and this has nothing to do with this blog lol........WAY TO GO MISS JERSEY WINNER!!!!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I AM SUPER PROUD!!!!!!!!