I'm in Ireland!!!

The trip started with a long wait at the airport after Phil dropped us off well in advance so he could avoid getting trapped in too much traffic

but no worries, we made the best of it!

after smoothly making it through security into our bording area we discovered there was pretty much nothing there and thought sense we had soo much time we would just leave and check back in later...mistake of the day. Wound up waiting over and hour and a half in the security line while the people at the airport seemed to just stand around looking at each other rather than trying to organize things. But eventually we made it through and after more than an hour delay we were ready to leave the ground.

Just to rub it in a little...sometimes short legs can actually be an advantage!

Nonnie and I got these awsome little guys to sleep with! I named my elaphant Bruno!

After many hours of attempting to sleep in those extreamly uncomfortable seats I see my first site of Ireland!

we wait for a cab after rounding up all the bags and bikes

Found this cool machine at the hotel

here is our room for the night

and the super cool blue bathroom

after a shower and this amazing coffee drink...

I'm ready to go site seeing!

So we had an awsome day of looking around and site seeing in Dublin Ireland. The internet here in europe is not always the greatest so I need to get this done fast and I also have a cab to catch to the airport in order to get to Sweden so enjoy the pictures and any further stories will have to wait for another time

Caught a ride in a double decker

us girls


Oh man, its been a long day on a little sleep. Here we are resting inside the Dublin Castle

Sward Castle

On of the greatest signs ever!...mom that's for you!


Nonnie and I play along


Pizza with egg rocks!!! Seriously!

Place we ate dinner...pizza with egg that is!


Dublin Castle

Tons of beautiful flowers...mom you would have loved it!

from a bridge...

At a castle

Gotta run...catch ya later!


Anonymous said...

You, my dear, are 1 LUCKY little lady!!! To be in Ireland...the place of my dreams. O M G Kiss an Irishman 4 me. Your comments & pictures are wonderful. You have a fantastic ability to keep me on the edge of my seat reading your adventures. Remember, ALWAYS, you are loved by me. A Marty

Anonymous said...

My gosh my body aches,I'm sweaty and can't breathe after reading your blog.You made me feel like I was there(which I tried to talk Jess into)Love your hair did you notice all the colored front doors in Ireland Tell Jackie if she had gone into the Dublin Castleshe would of seen the library where Harry Potter was filmed.Your in my daily thoughts(all of you). Love you Grandma XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Come on!!! Pizza and egg, you really do have jet lag! Did you have beer with that? dad

msfzx said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun! I'm envious. Can't wait to see you!

WentiSummisMom said...


Wow..great pictures! I was wondering if Deede is going to Collegiate Track Nationals in San Diego? Or your parents? I am trying to see if there is anyone who might want to split a room with me.

Safe travel and see you in San Diego!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to your site in a few weeks and to my surprise here you are in the place I've just been thinking about the last couple of days! Must have been some kind of vibes coming through. I hope, someday, to be able to make my way to Ireland. Love to get some more details from you when you have time. Great photos!!
Larry M.