Here are some visuals of my current life...

Phil has a beautiful home on the 17th floor of a building right in center city and here are a few views from those windows

We went to a Philly's game the other night with a few of the Cheerwine girls. It was the first Baseball game for both Gary and Jessie.

We are living just outside of the main city in a cute little abode...
Our's is the painted red brick


My room

Bike Basement

Theresa & Gary

Jessie & I

Now for some fun activities...
The racing has been a blast but it has been ripping my legs apart and i'm trying to get some speed back in my legs. As part of our recovery we have invested in a garbage can, which we use for ice baths. The routine involves jumping in the garbage can filled with cold water and bags of ice, then out, up the stairs and into the hot shower for a bit, back down(slowely and carefully) into the garbage can and repeat process 4 times! Yahoo!

And for a little humor Gary bet me i couldn't fit in the hamper i bought...so...


As far as racing goes I've been having a ton of fun but also going through a lot of pain trying get some speed back in my legs. I just got a new saddle, which i'm hoping will agree with me better than the last one! In any case we have the second race fo the triple crown this thursday and then the final and biggest race on sunday. Sundays race is called the Liberty Classic or Philly race and it is famous around the world. There will quite literally be a million + fans at the event! It will be the biggest race i have ever been a part of i'm sure. I'm stoked about the chance to race with some of the biggest names in womens professional cycling and do everything i can to get my team to the finish line firlst! It is a given the big hitters will be trying to get rid of the amatures from the get go, but i'm one amature they won't be gettting rid off without a heck of a fight! BRING IT ON!!!

This is Ben Franklin Avenue, which is lined with flags from around the world and is also the road of the finishing straight for the Liberty Classic! Notice it is flat!...very good for our team and the style of our riders. Wish us luck! Soon we will be smashing down this street with people cluttering both sides the whole way!

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