The first race of the season!

Ok, I appoligize I have no pictures for you at this point but I have gotten a lot of calls asking how the first races went to here is the run down...

For those of you who didn't know, the Lees-McRae college team was supposed to go to the University of Florida last weekend and do collegiat races. Against my better judgement I agreed to go...there were races in Greenville, SC which is only 3 hours away and I wanted to do those but thought I should probably go with the team. So we left last Friday morning at 10am with our old mini bus and a huge new bus both pulling big trailers loaded with all sorts of fun toys! I will have to take picutes of this stuff so you can see what i mean...we looked like some sort of mob. In any case things weren't on our side and the trailer lights on the new rig weren't working right, so we stopped for about and hour or so and narrowed the problem down, kept traveling to Charlotte where we were going to eat lunch and get the lights fixed before continuing...5pm rolls around and we are just getting the bus back and the lights still don't work...back to Banner Elk. Ultimatly we were gone from 10am till 8:30pm and accomplished very little, althogh at least i got a lot of school reading done.

SO....Saturday morning at 5am we try again and take a crew to Greenville...we made it!!! Basically no warm up for the womens race but it was a 35mile road race so i just did a few spinning efforts in there to get ready for the final sprint. I didn't get myself in the best position, but luckily it is early season and neither did anyone else so I was able to come away with the win on the first training race of the season! Then I turned around and jumped in the mens Pro1/2 field for about half of their race before I decided to call it a day. As i said to one of my teammates who asked me "What happened?"..."i had enough of going 40mph for one day"...they got a laugh out of that, although i will admit it was a bit of an exageration, 30 to 35mph would have been more accurate...but he got the point...I WAS TIRED!

We awoke to clowdy skys and rain on Sunday. Had i been alone i would have headed for home and just done an indoor workout but that wasn't the case. I suited up and headed out into the 43degree raining weather and swam around the BMW test track where we were having the crit. There were only about 12 women there as opposed to the 50 on the previous day. A while into the race we got a break of 3 going and kept a pretty steady tempo, remaining away from the "pack". In the end i was sputering and told the stonger girl that if she kept me on till the finish I would lead her out (this mean she keeps the pace low enough for me to hang on and when we get close to the finish line i will punch it and give her a lead out, so she gets to draft my jump and then sprint around me for the win), she agreed of course and she finished 1st with me bringing in 2nd. My teammate Mo was back in the pack and had been trying to keep things slow back there and she won the field sprint to bring in 4th!

Ok, ok, enough writing...i'm procrastinating studying for a big exam today. I will try to take pictures this weekend and make things a bit more interesting!

Take Care all!

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Anonymous said...

Just a short note to let you know we are keeping you & your fellow team mates in our prayers & thoughts. Also wanted you to know that I LOVE my new bike. It might be as 'fancy' nor 'fast' as yours but it works for this ole gal. Another thing....you have a new nickname....ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM........
Keep up the good work & may the Lord sleep on your pillow or ride on your handle bars.

Aunt Marty