3/12 Party

Two of my teammates, Mo and Wes have an awsome place they rent where we can have bonfires and the whole bit! So the party was at their place last night and somehow....your not going to believe this, but I was there until 3am... ok it was just to make sure people got home safe, but still that is pretty late for me!

I'll start by getting the bad news out of the way and then give you a few pictures. At the start of the night we set up a slackline and while i was walking across i tryed to catch a fall and ended up landing on a stange angle on my sholder/collarbone. It cracked and at first felt like a hard core chiropractic adjustment, until it started getting real stif and made me want to throw up. It feels more like clavical damage than anything else, but i don't think anything is broken...i'm pretty sure it would have hurt a lot more. So i'm iceing it now and we will see what happens when I attempt to venture out on the bike today.

Enough of that, here are some pictures to leave you with and hopefully next time i post my arm will be feeling well enough to do sprint intervals and all that fun stuff!

We got a few good flames going to keep us warm...

but most of the time it was more under control

O what?...that's right Aaron Bradford is back! He shaved his legs...he was giving us a show...

O..o...pose for the camera...

Believe it or not this is my teammate Jesse singing, yes he was making those facial expressions!

So it was a good time and everyone enjoyed themsleves. Pray for my sholder/clavical to feel better soon, I really need to keep healthy at this point!

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