Catch up...

Alright, so I've been pretty horrible about updating this thing lately. Let this serve as a warning as to what you may see next semester as it could potentially be even busier!

In any case this entry is simply to fill in a blank. Cross racing was the thing of the moment and most weekends were filled with a race on each day...but I was going to get a break! There were no races in the area Thanksgiving weekend so not only was it going to mean time off of school and no scheduled class time but I was also going to have the ability to rest/train freely with no races...or so I thought.

Unfortunately, the "COLD" bug had something different in mind. As it turns out I came down with an ill feeling and felt like crap for my "break". All my plans to accomplish so many things went out the window and I spent my Thanksgiving on the futon in my apartment, alone, watching marathon episodes of CSI...that would have been fine if I was just resting and recovery rather than hacking and sweating.

Good news is that is all over.

I finally started to come around and got out in the woods for a little nature healing with Brian and Mike!

Thanks guys!

They got me moving around, threw rocks off of bridges and Brian even went to the extent of very good entertainment when he was showing us how good he was a rock hoping and hope/slide his way right into the cold water! But he's tough so he was ok and it was ok for me to laugh, which was the best part!

If you look closely you can see the wet pants...haha

In addition to its healing ability the water was simply beautiful and very clear

Maybe if I had gotten in like Brian I would have gotten better sooner...um!

Now, prepare yourself for this...it may be hard to believe but occasionally I do things other than riding my bike! Don't get me wrong, riding my bike it by far one of my favorite things to do but life also has more to offer.

At some point Robert and I finally got around to really cleaning our apartment and he was in charge of the shower and shower curtain. We took down the plastic curtain and put it in the washer with bleach and then Robert just couldn't resist the temptation to play with our decorative curtain, which we always laugh about because it has a "window" in it.

Robert at play!

I can't see you...


At some other point I spyed a magazine with some sinful looking cookies on the back and just couldn't resist. I even got around to making the cookies.

They were pretty good and super rich but we have a few changes to try nest time to make them even better! I'll keep you posted on the progress...

Time for finals came around and Robert and I both had a lot of book time...ugg...but we love learning! It's the busy work we can't stop nagging about. And the fact that we would rather be in a warm place on our bike!

So one day I came home to Robert all dressed up for presentations and he wanted to show me how he was thinking of presenting to the class...

It gave us both a good laugh and we went back to work...

What was to come would bring even more joy than the completion of another semester!


James Anderson said...

Congrats on the WIN AT NATIONALS!!!

Anonymous said...

One more Semester!!!!
Lov ya

kace said...

Thanks James! Keep up the good work and you'll do the same some day! Nice to meet you and your dad! Be sure to flag me down if we end up at the same races!