Stars and Stripes!

Collegiate Nationals was upon us.
Location: San Diego California!

Here we are taking up a whole section of the sidewalk at the airport on our way out.

1st night in town we head to the beach to catch dinner and also take in this site...

This is how we were transporting bikes...cringe...i'm sure a few of the marks on my bike were courtesy of San Diego Nationals

I can't say that I remember all the events and how everyone placed but I'll give you a bit of a run down.

Day 1
pursuits in morning and 500 in afternoon. I didn't do the pursuit but a few of my team mates did and earned some points for the team. I did the 500 in the afternoon and came out with 5th, just barely getting me on the podium.

Day 2
Started the day with Italian pursuit and team sprint. We came out with a 5th place in the Italian pursuit...would have been great to have made top 4 and gone onto finals in the evening but that wasn't the case. Then the Womens team sprint went great with Chloe leading it out, Kristi taking the 2nd lap and myself finishing it off. Our time was good and strong for a 2nd place!

The evening brought on the Points Race...as I had been looking forward to, as it is really the only mass start at collegiate nationals. And things went well! I want to to an entire race write up but I will have to save that for another time. Lets just say I missed the first few sprints but swept all the rest and dominated the field.

on the rollers

there they are...

the stars and stripes

Day 3
I got to play around and do some sprints!

Chloe and I on the sprint podium

Then we got a day to chill out and hang on the beach!

and it all ended with another beautiful sunset!

and a plane ride back to B.E.


Cody said...

On the transporting bikes thing...Welcome to the world of a normal collegiate cyclist (for a day) :)

kacey manderfield said...

don't "normal collegiate cyclist" drive to races? ...don't be me wrong i didn't want to drive to CA, i have just had enough with airports, and there is only more to come!

Cody said...

I'm just referring to the pic of the bikes stacked in the van. Congrats on your awesome results out there by the way.

kace said...

Oh haha! Yeah that is true! And thanks!